Last Minute Campaign Blizzard

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As we inch closer and closer to election day, literally tons of candidate propaganda is flooding people's mailboxes...and that's just one of the ways people are trying to try to sway the voters.
One unique what way to support your candidate is with a great big bus...
This is the John Kerry bus.
An out-of-work special ed teacher drove it up to Reno from the Bay area.
He knew Nevada was going to be a battleground state this election.
Scott Von Knopka came up from Oakland to Northern Nevada a few days ago.
He sleeps in his bus, and everyday drives it around different cities.
Von Knopka bought it for 310-dollars.
It's a vintage propane bus...once used by Bay area school districts.
The bus is red and white...and Von Knopka painted the Kerry/Edwards slogan on it.
He says some people have come up to him at red lights and showed their support...while others have scoffed or even worse, swerved at him in traffic.
But, the propoganda doesn't stop there.
All these pamphlets are the result of less than a week's worth of mail for one Reno resident.
Organizations and political parties are making their last-ditch get people to the polls, and vote on November 2nd.
Some voters did say they read the propaganda if they're interested in a particular issue or candidate.
Otherwise, the pamphlet goes right in the trash.