Election Day Security

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Washoe County has announced it has a security plan for election day.
Earlier this week, registrar Dan Burk, mentioned that the county is worried about possible *disturbances* during voting November 2nd.
Not a lot of details are being released at this point for security reasons.
But, Assistant Sheriff Jim Lopey says his department is being utilized along with Reno and Sparks Police and the CERT Team that is trained in homeland security.
The county manager's office got together with local law enforcement three weeks ago to work out a contingency plan for election day.
Both the Democrats and the Republicans will have on-site poll watchers to make sure the process goes smoothly.
And a team of lawyers is being assembled in case of any voter challenges.
A challenge is when someone questions the validity of the voter or the ballot.
One of the laws sheriff's deputies are going to watch closely is to make sure people aren't campaigning within a hiundred feet of a polling place.
That's against the law.
And if any laws are broken, people will be asked to leave and could face criminal charges.