Perfect Timing in Reno Arrest

Lt. John Catalano of Reno Police Department says the bulletin out of Tigard Oregon came out early Thursday morning. But 10:30 a parol officer traveling north on 395 asked dispatch to repeat the description.

"One of our officers Manny Herrera was right behind the vehicle north bound 395 approaching the Spaghetti Bowl and asked dispatch to verify information again. They did and he broadcast that he was right behind the vehicle."

The suspect and car were stopped on the Virginia Street Off Ramp on Interstate 80 west. Reno Police knew they had a suspect on their hands....and that the murder was described as brutal. But that's about all the information they had.

Tigard Police though have more of the story on Mikkal Buxton and why he was a wanted man. It started here yesterday on Greenfield Drive in Tigard. Firemen responded to a burning home where they found a body on the second floor.

The deceased has been initially identified as 21-year old Alla Bogdanov...a woman attending school in the area. Police say she often stayed in her parents home.

Dayna Grajewski a neighbor says the home had been vacant.

" We saw them move out months ago, and they have not been living there. They would only to there on occasion to check on it."

Tigard Police say Buxton became a person of interest when they learned Buxton was suppose to meet Bogdanov at the house yesterday afternoon. Neither had been heard from since.