Restrictions On Online Wagering Criticized

Critics of a federal ban on Internet gambling have urged Congress to repair what they term a flawed, selectively enforced law that infringes on personal liberties.

Opponents of the year-old law told the House Judiciary Committee
during a hearing in Washington, D.C., that the legislation prohibits American banks from processing transactions tied to online gambling, but leaves a loophole for bets on horse racing.

Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley has introduced a bill to
commission a one-year study on the issue.

Others say Congress should lift the ban in favor of federally regulated Internet gambling.

Berkley said a study should have been completed ahead of any federal legislation, and that the existing law creates a "confusing environment" for Americans who seek to wager online.

Nevada Congressmen Jon Porter and Dean Heller are cosponsors of
the study bill.