Keep Our Doctors Question Is Controversial

Nevadans have a total of eight statewide ballot initiatives to vote on this year.
Most aim to change the constitution, but one question does not.
One of the more controversial is Question Three.
This ballot initiative is more commonly called 'Keep Our Doctors in Nevada."
Some will dispute the question's name even before getting into the merits of what it will do if passed.
You've seen the ads on T-V. This one by proponents of Question 3 shows doctors leaving the state in droves.
Called "Exodus" the final line says, " vote yes, like your life depends on it."
While there are disputes between doctors and lawyers as to whether physicians are in deed leaving the state.
There is no question malpractice insurance rates here have gone through the roof here in Nevada.
Dr. Sandra Koch, a local physician says a result of Farmers leaving the state caused her malpractice insurance to be increased by 300-percent.
And that's despite the fact she's never been successfully sued for malpractice since 1984.
Dr. Koch believes her high malpractice insurance rates are due to high awards given in malpractice cases. And here again is where physicians and lawyers disagree.
The "Keep our Doctors in Nevada" statute is designed to stem the high cost of medical malpractice by curbing non-economic damages in a law suit--otherwise known as pain and sufferring. The Question if passed would limit those damages to a total of three-hundred-50-thousand dollars in damages. And while currently there are exceptions to this cap like gross malpractice or exceptional damages..question three would close those loop holes.
Dr. Koch says there is evidence that capping malpractice awards means lower rates and encourages insurers to come back to states that enact them...Trial lawyers disagree saying there's no guarantee of that.
Both sides will agree the system is broken, its now up to Nevada voters to decide what's important to them when it comes to their medical care and what recourse is available if something goes wrong.