Reno Soldier Seen in Nightline's "Forgotten War" Story

Army Private First Class Sterling Jones deployed last May. His wife says she hadn't seen him for six months, until Monday night -- That's when he appeared in a Nightline story called: "The Forgotten War in Afghanistan."

"I just want him to come home because there were people there that were shown... Their families are not gonna be fortunate to see them," Sterling's wife, Amanda Ussery-Jones said.

Two men were shot in a dangerous ambush caught on tape and shown on Nightline. Exchanging fire with the enemy was PFC Sterling Jones of Reno.

Sterling was seen on tape saying: "This is what we get paid to do, this is it right here."

As scary as the story was for Sterling's wife to see, she says media coverage of the war in Afghanistan is often overshadowed by the war in Iraq.

"A lot of things are going on in Afghanistan that are terrible, they're horrible, they're losing a lot a men over there," Ussery Jones said.

Sterling and Amanda were married in May and Amanda says a day or two later, he had to leave. They only had time for a quick downtown chapel ceremony.

"He chased her for six years and he finally got the girl, and he had to go," Deborah Ussery, Sterling's mother-in-law, said.

The family has included many veterans, and a flag rests on the mantle for Amanda's grandfather, who served in Korea. They hope it's the only one that will be there. Sterling's supposed to return home in May for at least 30 days, but could be re-deployed, perhaps to Iraq.
His family has a book of acronyms to help them communicate when he calls. They valued seeing him and live with the very real fear it could be the last time. But they know fighting for his country is what Sterling loves, even though his wife eagerly awaits when he'll return to her.

"I'm really really proud of him and he's very smart and he'll get through this," Ussery-Jones said.

"Vanity Fair" is also expected to include coverage of Sterling's platoon in its January issue, available in December.