Lassen National Forest Christmas Tree Permits

Christmas Tree Permits are now available to purchase and will be sold through December 15.

Each permit allows the harvesting of one Christmas tree from Lassen National Forest lands. Permits will sell for $10.00 each and the maximum allowed per household is two permits.

Along with the Christmas Tree Permit tag, purchasers are provided a map showing cutting areas, requirements and restrictions, and helpful tips.

It is important to note that Forest Service permits will not be sold at
businesses in the Butte Meadows, Paradise and Mineral areas.

Employees will be selling permits at the Mineral and Butte Meadows Work Centers on the dates and times listed below.

When purchasing your permit in person, exact change is appreciated.

Permits may also be purchased through the mail.

Mailed requests for permits must be receive by December 15 and should be directed to the nearest Lassen National Forest office.

Please write on the envelope 'Christmas Tree Request'. Mail in request forms can be found online at

Cutting a Christmas tree on the National Forests can be a fun family event.

There are a few things to remember that will help ensure you take away warm memories as well as a Christmas tree:

· Bring warm clothing, even if the day is nice when you start out.
November and December weather can change quickly, so be prepared.

· Be sure you are on National Forest land when you cut your tree. Because the permit is only valid on Lassen National Forest Land, if you cut a tree on private land, even accidentally, you could be cited. The permit will come with a map that shows the difference between forest and private lands.

· Also, be sure to read the permit conditions, have the permit with you
when the tree is cut, and attach your permit to the tree where it is
clearly visible after it is cut and while being transported. Patrols will
be out to help answer questions and check permits.

· Ensure you have the following safety items: water, chains (even four
wheel drive vehicles can get stuck), shovel, blanket, and food.

· Stay on Designated Roads, cross country travel is prohibited under the
Temporary Forest Order #06-07-01. Parking is allowed one vehicle length off the road.

When driving home make sure the tree permit tag is visible on your tree.

The permit also needs to be attached to the tree and sealed so that the
permit must be cut or the seal broken to be removed. If you plan to
transport more than five trees in the same vehicle, a transportation permit is required from the Sheriff's office.

Permits expire on December 25th, however forest officials recommend cutting your tree early in the season before the higher elevations are snow bound.

Trees can stay fresh for quite some time if cared for correctly. To help
keep your tree fresh, cut two inches from the bottom of your tree when you get home and place it in water.

Keep your tree watered and in a shady spot until you are ready for it in the house.

Another helpful hint is to bring an old tarp to wrap your tree in.

Then when you drag your tree out of the forest, the tarp protects the tree and helps you avoid breaking branches.

The tarp can also help avoid wind damage on the way home.