Ballot Question 2

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We continue our vote 2004 coverage...tonight previewing ballot question two.
This is an advisory question...on whether you support a sales tax increase to preserve open space.
Nevada law allows a sales and use tax of up to a quarter of a percent...for certain open space related purposes.
Washoe County is asking the legislature for a tax increase...of up to one-eighth of one percent for the next thirty years.
Two-thirds of the money would go towards restoring trailheads into the Sierra...and improving regional parks such as the Sparks Marina and Virginia Lake.
The rest of the money would pay for preserving local historical and cultural facilities.
However, those who oppose the measure say acquiring, improving, restoring, and maintaining open space...should not fall on the hands of the taxpayers.
They point out...the amount of land held publicly in Nevada is already 70-percent.
And, that development threatens these resources...therefore private companies should be the ones who have to pay.
We should tell you...if the bond passes, commissioners still have to get it approved by the legislature in the next session.
Ballot question 2 also has the potential to be matched by other funds.