Nevada Sagebrush Finds New Home in ‘The Joe’

Brian Duggan anticipates that staff productivity will increase dramatically once the student newspaper opens its offices in the new Joe Crowley Student Union.

“It will definitely be a plus to have our offices in ‘The Joe’ since Starbucks and the convenience store will be downstairs,” said Duggan, editor of The Nevada Sagebrush. “The staff is excited already about having caffeine and food so close by.”

Moving into the Joe Crowley Student Union marks a return to campus operation for the student newspaper. For more than a decade, the Sagebrush has been located on North Sierra Street, across from the campus.

Currently, production and work areas are housed in separate suites, and drop-in student traffic is uncommon.

“Our current offices have lots of character – they’re old but they’ve grown on us,” Duggan said. “The new office is one big space. It will be more convenient and we’ll need to learn to work together in a new way. It’s exciting and frightening at the same time.”

Duggan is especially happy that the new office space brings the newspaper closer to University students. “We will be right next to who we cover all the time,” Duggan said. “Now, students can see their student newspaper in production and come by, pitch story ideas and interact more.”

Duggan has gained valuable experience as he and the newspaper staff prepared to relocate.

“Being an editor [of the Sagebrush] is one of the best learning experiences you can have on campus. This move added a new dynamic to my job in thinking about policies for interacting with student government officers, for example,” Duggan said.

The Sagebrush will also have new technology including computers and printers to streamline networking and production.

The Nevada Sagebrush will be visible during the grand opening of the Joe Crowley Student Union, Nov. 15 and 16. The offices, however, are scheduled to move and the end of December, during the winter break.

“We’re moving a few things like files and archived information,” Duggan said. “And the most important piece of furniture is also coming along – the editor’s desk. This old clunker has been the each Sagebrush editor’s desk since 1922 and it’s definitely coming with the newspaper.”

The Nevada Sagebrush has been in continuous publication since 1893. The newspaper is published every Tuesday during the academic year by the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN).