Augustine Impeachment Verdict

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For the first time ever in Nevada history, a state official was impeached.

The State Senate voted on Saturday, Dec. 4 to convict state Controller Kathy Augustine on just one of three articles of impeachment and limited the punishment to censure.

The die was cast earlier in the day when the Senate voted narrowly 11 to nine to dismiss the most serious of the three charges against Augustine that she assigned her office staff to do campaign work on state time. Two other counts were considered that she used state computers for campaign work and that she used other office equipment for the same purpose. Only that last article got the required two thirds vote, 14 to 7 for conviction.

The punishment, censure is an official reprimand with no fine or suspension. Augstine returns to her job on Monday, Dec. 6.

Augustine said she had been a sobering experience. She did not rule out a continued political career. However, other thoughts on the fallout from the case were varied.

After nearly a year of investigation, negotiation and prosecution, the case against Kathy Augustine comes to a close. It's likely its effects will be debated for years more.