Washoe County Commissioners "Park" Budget Cuts, For Now

Washoe County commissioners have decided to, what they call "park," cutting any of the 2008 budget for now.

The county's goal was to cut $14 million, which would be 5% of the budget. They could only reach $12.9 million. The commissioners reached that amount with potential hiring freezes, reduction in supplies and the elimination of some county programs.

The commissioners had the numbers, but some at least felt they didn't have enough information on the impacts.

Washoe County Sheriff Mike Haley spoke about the impacts. For example, one of the programs on the chopping block would be the House Arrest Program. Also, the budget cuts will in effect eliminate Haley's opportunity to hire new positions.

In the end the commissioners decided to park the budget to allow the departments to present more information on the effects these cuts would have. Commissioners will review the budget on a monthly basis beginning early next month.

Commissioners hope the housing slump may have bottomed out and the Christmas shopping season may lift lagging sales tax figures before they make cuts that are too drastic.