Voter Mobilization

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To make sure a lack of transportation does not impede the vote, a volunteer network all over the county is shuttling the elderly, the handicap and those without access to a car to the polling places.

In the 2000 election, 51% of voting age Americans Nevada, only 43% turned out. Everyone knows the presidential election will be close in the Silver State, and volunteers are working to increase voter participation.

"The more people that vote, the more people are actively involved in our Democracy. It just raises the bar and provides a government that is more responsive to the people," says Rick Strandlof with Democracy for Nevada.

"It doesn't matter what your party is. What matters is whether you're involved or not. You make an effor to understand the issues and you get engages: form your opinion, you do that as intelligently as you can and you vote," adds Rick Davis, a volunteer with the Washoe County Democratic Party.

If you need assistance in getting to the polling places, you've got three options:

The Washoe County Democrats at 829-1699
The Washoe County Republicans at 827-1900
America Coming Together at 337-2555

Volunteers with each organization say they already have dozens of people on their schedules. By the end of the two week early voting period, it's likely that hundreds of people will have voted, thanks to these services.