HIV Transmission Laws Examined

In the last month, two people here in Washoe County have been arrested for intentional transmission of HIV, otherwise known as the AIDS virus.

Both these suspects face felony charges, and if they're convicted, they could serve prison time.

There are state laws that govern reckless transmission of the AIDS virus. We may not hear a lot about them, but the laws have been around for a while.

Brent these laws started appearing on Nevada books about 19-87. They've been modified over the years and violations are now considered a category "B" felony.

While these two most recent cases are attention grabbing, they certainly aren't the norm.

According to Howell, the additional counseling at the health district has only been done a handful of times.

And the District attorney's office says with only nine cases in six years, intentional HIV transmission is not something its deals with frequently.