O.J. Hearing Resumes In Las Vegas With Testimony About Guns

Two of O.J. Simpson's former co-defendants who've told police the ex-football star wanted guns brought along for a confrontation with two sports collectibles dealers are slated to testify at a preliminary hearing resuming today in Las Vegas.

Simpson was wearing dark glasses and a dark suit with a white shirt and white handkerchief in the breast pocket when he arrived about 10 minutes before the hearing was scheduled to begin.

As he entered the courthouse flanked by his legal team, he waved twice to spectators and looked up at a helicopter hovering noisily overhead.

Simpson's arrival was recorded by only two news photographers
and three camera operators, down from the dozens that greeted him
last week.

Also missing are the crowds of costumed curiosities and T-shirt vendors who swarmed around the courthouse when the hearing
began Thursday.

Today's session began nearly a half hour late when one of the attorneys arrived late for court.