Early Voting A Hit In Northern Nevada

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We're just one-third of the way through early voting and already nearly 90-thousand Nevadans have already cast their ballots.
While early voting is a huge convenience for voters, it can be costly for campaigns.
Nevada has been bombarded with presidential campaign ads
because in states that have early voting such as Nevada, candidates treat the first day of voting and every day thereafter as election day.
The 2000 presidential election brought 36-percent of Nevada's voters to the polls *BEFORE* election day.
This time around Secretary of State Dean Heller predicts that number will jump to to more than 50-percent.
Nationwide voter registration is way up and Nevada is no exception.
If that's any indication of how many people will show up at the polls we could be in for long lines.
That's why the Registrar of Voter's Office is encouraging early voting.
We asked Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McAuliffe about the issue.
He says.. anything that will bring people to the polls.. is a good idea.
But.. early voting is controversial.
Some political analysts say it increases the chances of voter fraud.