CDs Containing State Workers' Information Missing in Nevada

Hundreds of CDs containing payroll information about state employees, including Social Security numbers, have either been lost or stolen over the last three years.

That's the word from state Personnel Director Todd Rich, who says the system has been tightened to prevent unauthorized people from getting employee information.

Rich says his department sent a total of more than 13,000 CDs to 80 agencies for review every two-week pay period over the last three years. He says as many as 470 are still missing, but his agency has NOT been notified of any identity theft as a result.

Under the new system, discs will be signed for and returned to the personnel department after each pay period.

The CDs now require a password in order to read data, and employee identities will be better protected with a switch from Social Security numbers to a unique employee identification number.

The issue was raised by a former state employee who contends he
was fired because he tried to get the state to warn workers about
the problem.

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