McQueen High's Band Plays On

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The McQueen High School marching band took the field Friday night for the first time since winning last weekend's state championship.

The lancers band has won 10 state championships during its remarkable run, including four in the past six years. Despite all of this success, band members say they're hungry for more.

School has only been in session for two months, but the Lancers band has been working together since June.

"We come ready to work," says Liz Marandonia, a drum major. "We're not satisfied with being all right."

And it definitely shows. The band boasts an even stronger resume than McQueen's football team, which feeds off of the band's dynamic presence.

"We try to create sports music that will carry over to the team and propel them to victory," says band director Rick Moffit.

Moffit knows a good program when he sees one, having taught band for 34 years including the past seven at McQueen. He says the awards are nice, but they come at a price.

"There's always pressure, but it's self imposed," says Moffit. "We're much more concerned about doing a great job and a great performance."

The countless hours of practice combined with the veteran leadership make this squad a very tight-knit and determined group.

"It's like my second home," says Sherri Li, a drum major. "I live in the band room. It's a big deal to me."

"Since before I've been here there's been a tradition of excellence," says drum major Kevin Swanson. "We work all the way through the season and we're continuing a tradition."