Vioxx Settlement

Jerry Crandal from Gardnerville starting taking Vioxx back in 2004.

" I just took it for a sore wrist and I would have never taken it if I had known the risk were that high for a heart attack."

Crandall says he had been only taking Vioxx for two months...and at age 52 and in good health he knew he shouldn't be having a heart attack. Then he says he heard the reports connecting the pain reliever with heart attacks.

Stewart White represents Crandall and another 99 Nevadans who have filed suit against Merck and company each claiming he suffered a heart attack or stroke because of Vioxx.

"I didn't think they could keep this up. Even in the cases they won they lost millions and millions of dollars and then the cases they cost the same millions of dollars to defend them but they lost them and then the verdict would be 50-million 250-3-million so they just couldn't keep it up."

White says we don't know how much his clients will each take home from the four-billion dollar plus settlement, or whether the Nevadans will agee to it at all. It will depend he says on the severity of the injury. To qualify the plaintiffs must have filed a claim by yesterday, and meet criteria including sustaining a heart attack or stroke, receiving at least 30 Vioxx and ingesting them two weeks before the stroke or heart attack.

Merck and Company had long claimed Vioxx caused problems only after 18-months of use....

But those claims were dismissed by independent scientists and plaintiff's lawyers.