Rodriguez Sentenced To Life Without Parole

Edward Gomez Rodriguez was sentenced to life in prision without the possibility of parole Friday for the murder of Pam Carter of Reno.

Carter's body was found by her husband, bound and gagged in her northwest Reno apartment last December.

Rodriguez was arrested by Reno homicide detectives a month later after a DNA comparison linked him to items used to tie up Carter.

Prosecuters began a jury trial on the charge of First Degree Murder in September, but Rodriguez changed his plea to guilty after the District Attorney's Office presented the evidence against him.

Arguing for the sentence of life without the possibility of parole, Deputy District Attorney Dianne Drinkwater pointed to the eregious circumstances of the crime saying that Rodriguez forced his way into Carter's apartment, beat and tied her legs and arms, and ultimately gagged her to keep her from screaming.

Pam Carter's husband, Don, prepared a letter which was read to the judge in support of sentencing in which he described the trauma of finding his wife of ten years murdered in their apartment.

He also told the court of his wife's generosity, saying she would give people food or money even when he thought they could not afford to do so.