Defense Questions Broker Who Recorded O.J.'s Las Vegas Caper

O.J. Simpson's attorney sought to show today that the former football great confronted a pair of memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room with only one goal in mind: to recover personal mementoes he believed were stolen from him and his family.

On the Las Vegas witness stand for cross-examination was Tom Riccio, the California collectibles broker who said he set up the meeting at which Simpson and several other men burst into a hotel room and carried off hundreds of sports-related items.

Attorney Yale Galanter also sought to show that Simpson made no effort to hide his plan in advance. He also asked Riccio if Simpson had any interest in taking anything that didn't belong to him, including
lithographs of football great Joe Montana and items autographed by
baseball stars Pete Rose and Duke Snider.

Riccio replied: "I don't think he had any interest in any of that."

Galanter then asked, "Mr. Simpson never said, 'I want to steal some Pete Rose baseballs?"'

Riccio laughed and replied, "No sir."