Locals Shopping With Caution

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From lead-tainted paint, to coatings that turn into date-rape drugs...a string of recent toy recalls, just before the holiday shopping season... has many wondering what's safe to buy for their kids.

All of this bad publicity surrounding toys manufactured in China is leading shoppers to re-examine their methods. Some are going back to the basics, while others are avoiding Chinese products at all costs.

The crowds at department and toy stores are still pretty tame, but the paranoia surrounding the search for the perfect toy is well underway.

"It's just in the back of your mind when you're shopping," says Nona Toledo who's taking a unique approach toward shopping for her grandkids.

She, like many others, wants to buy them gifts they'll like while also having the peace of mind that the products are safe.

"Most of the products I buy have been on the market for a long time," says Toledo.

Anyone looking for toys made outside of China will probably be out of luck. A sample of nearly 20 products yielded just two items manufactured elsewhere. Doll food for a toy called "Baby Alive" was the only domestic product we could find.

Regardless of what's available, shoppers say no gift is better than a risky one; namely those products linked to the recall.

"At this point there are so many recalls," says Toledo. "It's just too scary to buy them."