Fire At Renown

Fire officials say a man on oxygen was smoking in hospital bed caused a minor fire in older part of medical center.

An inspection of the medical center will be carried out Friday.

The scene at Renown Medical Center Thursday morning --red lights, sirens, but it wasn't an ambulance on its way to the emergency was a fire that broke just after midnight in the older portion of the medical center room 628. Newton Chase,Renown Facilities Director, says the hospital has a strict policy on smoking for a reason

" We do not allow any smoking in any way shape or form within the building. It is just not acceptable."

Chase says by all accounts, staff's reaction was by the book. Firemen arrived on scene and were able to put out the fire, and because it was contained, patients did not have to be moved to another floor. But there was a problem on scene, fire officials say a stand pipe outside the hospital wasn't working.

Steve Frady,Reno Fire Department Spokesperson explains what such a pipe does for a facility.

"Stand pipes are a built in feature in modern construction that allow firefighters to use a hose connection inside the building that is connected to a water source in this case an engine."

An investigation is underway into the cause of that malfunctioning pipe....The hospital says its in the process of repairing it. The patient involved in this fire suffered very minor injuries and was the only one in the room at the time of the fire.

The sprinklers did not go off on the sixth floor. Fire officials say that's because the fire wasn't hot enough to activate them.