Candidates' Families Rally Support in Nevada

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Family members, of both the major candidates for President, hit the campaign trail today in Nevada.
The Bush daughters were in Henderson...while John Kerry's brother made a major announcement this morning in Reno.
Cam Kerry told reporters his brother will make his first stop in Reno on Friday.
He will be speaking at Lawlor Events Center at three p.m.
Both families are making last ditch efforts to capture the state's five electoral votes.
Cam Kerry says don't expect the same stump speech we've been hearing for weeks.
John Kerry touched on health care Monday, social security and flu vaccines over the weekend.
His younger brother says expect him to talk about issues that matter most to Nevadans.
Polls show the state's about evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.
The Bush twins know Clark County voters could be the deciding factor in this election.
However, some voters are getting tired of all the attention Nevada is getting...since it's a battleground state.
They say the President is one thing, but they say it seems like there's a visitor every week..