Traffic Officers Having Impact On Reported Crashes

The presence of Reno Police traffic officers is apparently having a positive impact on the number of crashes in several designated high crash locations, says Reno Police Lieutenant Ron Donnelly.

October traffic statistics show there were no crashes reported at eight high crash intersections throughout the City of Reno.

Although crashes were recorded at these locations over the July-September period, no accidents were reported in October at the intersections of Clear Acre Lane and the U.S. Highway 395 northbound off-ramp, West Fourth Street and Keystone Avenue, East Second Street and North center Street, West Fourth Street and North Virginia Street, Kietzke Lane and East Moana Lane, Gentry Way and Kietzke Lane, Vassar Street and Kietzke Lane and the U.S. 395 southbound off-ramp and East Plumb Lane.

Reno Police Traffic Division officers concentrate on 15 designated high crash locations each month, as well as other various high-incident or complaint locations in the community in an effort to reduce the number of traffic collisions that occur.

Police traffic enforcement activities often result in citations for unsafe driving behavior resulting for violations of traffic laws.

Reno Police officers made 42 traffic stops at the intersection of Kietzke Lane and Mill Street resulting in 31 citations in October, with 40 traffic stops and 29 citations at the intersection of Kietzke Lane and Peckham Lane.

Reported crashes are down but fatalities are up from 2005 when there 3,828 reported accidents resulting in 993 injuries and 11 fatalities.

As of October 31, there have been 2,574 reported crashes in the City of Reno including 837 with injuries and 14 fatalities (including 5 pedestrian fatalities) compared to 2006 when there were 2,780 reported crashes with 899 injuries and 14 fatalities, including 6 pedestrian fatalities.

The Reno Police Department’s Traffic Division analyzes traffic statistics from each month to determine traffic accident trends, and reviews the number of citizen complaints related to speeding, failure to stop at stop signs and other violations, to determine where Reno Police Traffic Division resources will be placed in the continuing efforts of the Reno Police Department to reduce the number of traffic accidents, accident related deaths and injuries in the community.