Telemarketers Try To Skirt Do Not Call Registry

Telemarketers are tricking unsuspecting people into letting them call to pitch their products, Nevada Consumer Advocate Eric Witkoski says.

Telemarketers skirt a National Do Not Call registry by sending mail promising free consumer information, products and services if consumers sign and return a card, Witkoski said Tuesday.

The cards also authorize companies to phone and solicit them to purchase other products.

Senior citizens often are frightened into responding to what looks like mail from a government agency that suggests they have their medical, retirement or probate plans reviewed by experts, Witkoski said.

Once they return the cards, the seniors start getting telephone pitches from companies selling investments, insurance and other financial products.

Witkoski said the initial 5-year period covering those enrolled in the National Do Not Call Registry ends next June, and consumers should consider calling the Do Not Call toll-free number, 1-888-382-1222, to renew their registrations.

Congress may make the registrations permanent but residents should renew soon so there is no lapse, he added.