Elizabeth Edwards Visits Carson City

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Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of John Kerry's running mate, made her second stop in Northern Nevada in as many months.
It's a two-city tour for the wife of the Vice Presidential candidate.
Mrs. Edwards started out at Sarah Winnemucca Hall.
Then, she was off to Elko.
The wintry weather couldn't keep dozens away...from what they hope is the next wife of the Vice President of the United States.
Some even gave up their Sunday football to see Elizabeth Edwards in person.
Elizabeth Edwards says "she thinks the people of Nevada need to understand they may decide this election."
Edwards took questions from the partisan crowd on a number of issues...starting with social security.
She says President Bush wants to privatize social security, adding two trillion dollars to our deficit.
Others wanted to know why the Kerry campaign...wasn't holding Bush's feet to fire on environmental issues.
Mrs. Edwards couldn't pass up the chance to talk about Yucca Mountain.
She says "this is a very clear decision to the citizens of this state. If John Kerry is President of the United States Yucca Mountain won't be built."
Another concern for Nevadans was the recent fraud regarding voter registration.
Mrs. Edwards tried to ease fears...saying "every" vote counts.
She encouraged everyone to vote early...that way if there "is" a problem it can be fixed before election day.
Nevada Republican Chair, Earlene Forsythe, had this to say about Mrs. Edwards' accusations:
"As far as privatizing social security, if we get a better return on our investment it's something to look at for our next generation...but not at 100-percent."
Regarding Mister Bush as the worst president for environmental issues, Forsythe says "John Kerry and John Edwards both voted for the original 'Screw Nevada' bill...dealing with Yucca Mountain."
And, over concerns with voter fraud...she says Republicans found a 66-page document from the Democratic party trying to disenfranchise voters at the polls."
"Only" 15 more days until the general election.