Tear Gas brings End to Standoff at Motel Six

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Tear gas was deployed at the Motel Six on Stardust. Law enforcement says the gas forced the man in room 141 to come to a window, and he was then taken into custody. That was after a standoff that lasted for hours. Police had guns drawn. A window was broken, and the man given a phone to negotiate. But the tense situation continued. The FBI was looking for the man.

"He had a... fugitive warrant for his arrest and he was suspected of being involved in the bank robbery on Vassar Street, US Bank," Sgt. Sean Garlock of RPD said.

In additional to being a person of interest in the US Bank robbery late last week, The FBI says 33-year-old Antonio Russo had previously been arrested for another bank robbery earlier this year.
The feds say he was out on bail, and violated a condition of that bail.
Police say he was tracked to the Motel Six.
Guests watched as the standoff unfolded.

"We just came up and the cops were all around and they told us we couldn't come in, there was a standoff," a man staying at the motel said.

Around 8 o'clock Tuesday night, the SWAT Team was standing down.
But the investigation of Antonio Russo continues -- Authorities say they'll now be checking to see if he could have been involved in any other local bank robberies.