Early Voting Begins in Nevada

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Early voting officially began at 10 in the morning. According to the Voter Registrar, Dan Burk, there has been a consistent line--and wait time of an hour and a half--since 8 in the morning.

"It's worth the wait. Once you get there, you say to yourself, I was waiting in line for a reason. I'm casting my vote and this time it counts," says Arsenio Escudero, a Washoe County early voter.

Burk says about 1500 people casted their votes today...but that's only a fraction of the total estimated 800,000 people statewide who are expected to take advantage of the two week early voting period.

Helping remind people of the early voting option were 200 volunteers from America Coming Together today. They're part of a progressive, non-profit organization that helped register some of the 47,000 new voters in Washoe County for this election.

ACT's CEO, Steve Rosenthal say "now we're going back and talking to them to explain to them where their polling place is, to talk to them about the early voting opportunities and keep them engaged between now and November 2."

There are a couple of things you can do to speed up your time in line: have an ID ready, even though it's not required. Bring your sample ballot with you. And finally, because it's a long ballot this year, read through it and make your choices ahead of time.

For more information about early voting and different locations and times, check out the Washoe County Voter Registrar's website:

Follow the links to the early voting schedule.

Dan Burk also told us that so far there have been no glitches with the electronic voting machines. Let's just hope it stays that way through November 2nd.

And keep in mind the famed words of Al Capone, "vote early and vote often."