Mack Civil Cases

Darren Mack’s murder trial may be over, but now he faces a number of other legal actions. While the murder trial has captured all the attention, a number of civil cases involving the Reno millionaire remain unresolved.

Darren Mack won't be sentenced until January, but his sudden guilty plea Monday answered the big questions related to the murder of his estranged wife and the shooting of Judge Chuck Weller.
But those crimes, and the heated divorce battle that preceded it, have left a number of other legal disputes in their trail.

They range from the divorce decree itself, the custody of his daughter, his bankruptcy, his wife's estate, a wrongful death, and a personal injury suit. By our count, 8 cases in all, and to date in one way or the other unresolved.

Annie Allison is Judge Weller's assistant and was standing in his office June 12, 2006 when a bullet came crashing through the window. Fragments struck Weller in the chest, but flying debris also left her wounded.

The judge in her case held up the lawsuit waiting for the criminal case. That wait is now over. Allison's attorney, Cal Dunlap, says he will file a motion to move on her lawsuit tomorrow.

Mack pleaded guilty to murdering his wife, but entered what's called an "alford plea" to shooting Judge Weller, essentially saying: Yes, I shot the judge, but I'm not admitting I meant to kill him. Dunlap says that plea should have little effect on his case.

Some of the other cases have been decided, but each has been appealed. In fact, settlements in the dispute over Charla Mack's engagement ring and a watch and the custody arrangement between the grandmothers were settled, but Mack has appealed each.

Regarding a personal injury suit from Judge Weller, Weller has no comment on that possibility or anything else related to the case. In fact, he issued a statement saying he's prevented from making any statements by the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct. Any further comment from the judge will have to wait until after Mack is sentenced.