Brothel Ban on Churchill Co. Ballot

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Thirty years ago residents of Churchill County voted to legalize brothels.
On November 2nd, they'll be asked to to ban them.
The people pushing this ban say times have changed.
They say what's changed is the community. It's worth noting that there were no brothels operating in Churchill County back then when voters approved the idea. Ironically, the same is true today as they consider their ban.
Those behind the brothel ban say there's simply no place for them in today's Churchill County. They cite economic and image reasons, but at the core of their case there's the moral issue.
Ironically, this measure would ban an industry that has had a difficult time surviving here. Both Churchill County brothels have been closed for some time and there's doubt they could ever reopen again.
The ordinance the county adopted 30 years ago has a number of restrictions on supervision and signage, but it also makes the prostitute an employee of the brothel and that's the real hurdle. Elsewhere they are independent contractors. Making them employees applies a whole litany of labor laws.....workman's comp, overtime and insurance. Flint asked the county to change the ordinance to see if these brothels could survive here, the county commissioners decided to leave it up to the voters.
That means the anti-brothel coalition is asking voters to ban a industry that doesn't now and probably can't exist in Churchill County anyway.