Presidential Visit

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President Bush was welcomed to Reno for the second time by a crowd of more than 10-thousand people. The president told them he needs their support to win the election. Mister Bush opened a 35-minute outdoor speech at Rancho San Rafael park by saying he was proud to be back in the "Biggest Little City in the World." He said he was pleased to be in a place where, "the cowboy hats outnumber the suits."
The president cited Nevada's low unemployment rate of four percent as a sign of the nation's improving economy.
He said Nevada and other states in the West have benefited from
his Healthy Forests initiative, which allows expedited logging to
ease wildfire threats in overstocked forests. The President said all three debates have clarified the difference in he and Kerry's record and approaches to the future.
The Bush campaign say their glad the debates are over, allowing the President to focus his energies on rallies and events like these--where they say he's most effective.