Silver State Retaliates in Business Battle

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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The Governator... California's Arnold Schwarzenegger got a taste of his own medicine today, as a group of Nevada business development leaders unveiled a campaign to lure companies to the Silver State.
In the form of billboards and other outdoor ads... Nevada business leaders launched the latest salvo today... in the Silver State's war to mine business away from California.
One of the ads includes a not to subtle dig at the former action star... asking California companies... "Will your business be terminated."
EDAWN executive Chuck Alvey says Nevada's lack of corporate and personel income taxes and low workers compensation rates are among the lures used to entice California business across the boarder. But quality of life is also key.
A company called PC Doctor moved to Reno from Emeryville last October. The company is a national leader in the hardware diagnostic field with clients like IBM, Dell and Hewlett Packard. Suzzana Mak says the economics of the move made sense... for both the business and its employees.
Two months ago California's governor fired back. And don't expect Governor Schwarzenneger to take this latest jab lying down... he'll be back. And Chuck Alvey says that's just fine with him.
"And frankly when he responds to us and comes to the state he just simply gives us more credibility, more publicity. We appreciate it very much, ." Alvey said.
And with more than 30-California companies having already made the move in just over the last year... there's a lot at stake for both states.