Thomas Flyer

Auto Shop Supervisor Jay Hubbard inspecting the Thomas Flyer

In 1908 six racers from France, Germany, Italy and the U.S. embarked on a 22, 000 mile race adventure around the world.

The journey began in New York headed west to San Francisco, in muddy winter weather on unpaved roads.

The cars were taken by steam ship to the island of Japan.... then skidded, slogged, and slid across Siberia, Manchuria, Russia, German and France.

Aver 169 days of fierce competition the only American team in the race claimed the largest trophy in sporting history as it sped to the finish line in Paris.

Now you can see that winning car, the famous Thomas Flyer on display at the National Automobile Museum.

Beginning November 7th the museum is holding a special Centenial Celebration of the Flyer's unequalled victory.

The Flyer is now in the Museum's workshop undergoing a little fine-tuning before the event begins.