Reno Man Gets 5 Years in Prison for Luring Child Online

A Reno man has been sentenced to more than 5 years in prison for using the Internet to try to lure a minor into having sex.

Jeffrey Thurber, 50, was convicted in federal court in Reno in May on the charge of using the computer to induce and entice what he thought was a 14-year-old girl.

A state court earlier had thrown out the same charge because the alleged victim was actually a detective in a sting operation.

Prosecutors said Thurber entered a Yahoo chat room and had a series of chats with an undercover police officer pretending to be the teen in December 2003 and January 2004.

An FBI agent testified at trial that the chat room used by the defendant was known to be used by sexual predators seeking minors.

During the chats, Thurber engaged in sexually explicit conversations with the girl and arranged to meet her in Reno. When he arrived at the meeting location, he was arrested by law enforcement officers.

Thurber was sentenced this week to 70 months in prison followed by lifetime supervision. He was released on bond and must self-report to federal prison by Nov. 30.

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