Operation Scarecrow Checks on Sex Offenders

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Authorities say sex offenders can put up Halloween decorations, but many aren't allowed to have contact with minors, and can not hand out candy. Law enforcement was out Halloween night making sure offenders followed the law.

Although not required, signs advising there's 'no candy' are a good indication that sex offenders aren't opening the door for children. The Division of Parole and Probation hoped to check on 30 sex offenders in Carson City and 90 tier two and three sex offenders in the Reno-area.

"A tier three is a more predatory type sex offender the one that will go out and look for a victim. Tier two, their victim might have been someone they knew or was living in the residence," Shane Lees of Parole and Probation said.

"I touched a little girl where I shouldn't have been touching her," a tier two offender, who was visited, said. Parole and Probation said he appeared to be obeying the rules.

The offender said he was staying inside watching TV, and authorities did not notice any Halloween candy.

Officers say almost all sex offenders they have contact with on Halloween are in legal compliance. But as long as trick-or-treaters are out, authorities will be too.

Locally, Operation Scarecrow resulted in three arrests. Parole and Probation says those arrests were related either to drinking or substance abuse. They say two of those arrests were in Carson City and the third in Reno.