Campaigning Aplenty

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Never before in our state's 140-year history...have we seen this many presidential campaign visits.
This week, both candidates will be back in the Silver state.
Historians say that's because Nevada is a battleground state this the upcoming Presidential election.
In the past, the Silver state has received little if no the race for the White House.
Nevada didn't have one presidential campaign visit for its first 68 years of statehood.
Fast forward to June of this year, and it's been a frenzy of political heavyweights.
Herbert Hoover paved the way for future presidents...when he made a campaign stop in Elko in 1932.
Since then, we've had nine presidential visits.
"Our presidents in the past would come up once. or the vice president once. they didn't send their families and other heavy hitters," says State Archivist Guy Rocha
Already this year, President Bush has made one campaign visit to Reno with another one scheduled for Thursday.
The first lady has come once and will be in Lake Tahoe also on Thursday.
Vice President Dick Cheney has been to Northern Nevada three times.
John Kerry's wife will be in Reno Thursday.
His running mate, Senator John Edwards, rallied democrats at the University of Nevada last month and Edwards' wife spoke on campus two weeks before that.
Says Rocha, "No one wants to make mistake and ignore nevada. could cost them the election."
We saw what happened in 2000...when Florida's 25 electoral votes gave Bush a narrow victory over then Vice President Al Gore.
The same could be said for Nevada's five electoral votes this year.
Polls are changing daily...and historians say candidates are responding to recent debates, and charges being made against them.
They want to make one last hard sell...before election day.
President Bush will attend rallies Thursday in Reno and Las Vegas.
John Kerry will address an AARP convention the same day in Las Vegas.
Independent candidate Ralph Nader will speak at UNLV on Wednesday.
No word yet from the Kerry camp when he will make his first visit to Reno.