Paranormal Probers to Scour Virginia City For Activity

A northern Nevada version of ghost busters will meet in Virginia City on Friday and Saturday in search of signs of ghosts and spirits in the historic town.

The Nevada Spirit Seekers will hold their Virginia City Ghost Conference and take visitors on live investigations of Piper's Opera House, St. Mary's Art Center, the Old Washoe Club and the local cemetery.

Eric Sellers of Fallon, who's the lead investigator with Nevada Spirit Seekers, told the Lahontan Valley News he uses an electromagnetic force device to measure the amount of electricity pulsing in a room and a voice recorder to capture inaudible sounds.

An investigation the Spirit Seekers made in Virginia City recently, Sellers said a measuring in an upstairs room registered strong electromagnetic readings. As he moved the meter higher up the wall the readings got stronger. Sellers said he and his group also heard an unexplained man's voice and footsteps.

Lisa Reyna, who's the president and founder of the group, is a certified paranormal investigator, electronic voice phenomena technician and a para-psychologist with a license in paranormal science. She said she has a passion for helping people deal with the spirits that may haunt their homes.

"What gets me fired up is helping people," Reyna said. She spoke of a man who was spooked by unexplained happenings in his home.

"He was really flipping out. He thought he had demons or poltergeists. We actually taught him how to try and communicate with the spirit," Reyna said.

"I believe that paranormal activity is possible, yet I feel that need for extraordinary evidence," Reyna said on the group's Web site.

The Virginia City Ghost Conference features guest speakers like electronic voice phenomena specialists Mark and Debby Constantino,
co-star of "Haunting Evidence," and Jeff Belanger, an author and
explorer of the unexplained.

The conference will be held both nights with two sites visited each night by small groups.

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