General Tommy Franks Rallies Veterans

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Four Star General Tommy Franks instantly wowed a Republican audience of a couple hundred with his pro-military, pro-war, pro-Bush comments.

For three years, he was the Commander in Chief of the US Central Command in Afghanistan and Iraq...and has the unique perspective of waging and fighting a war.

So far, he considers it a success.

"It does not mean that I think everything in Iraq qill be smooth and that we'll see peace everywhere in the next six months. I don't believe that. I believe it will be a matter of time. I believe the Iraqis will rise up and reach for their own freedom. And that's what I think we're seeing the beginning of right now," says Retired Army General, Tommy Franks.

Contrary to other reports, General Franks does not believe the American military is over-extended in overseas operations. He says a reorganization of duties would provide more troop flexibility.

"Our military is still organized with lots and lots of armored soldiers and lots of artillery soldiers. Not nearly enough military policemen, not nearly enough civil affairs people."

In the General's ten minute speech, he made sure to distinguish the differences between the two presidential candidates...ultimately saying Senator Kerry is unfit for the role of Commander of Chief.

A widely held opinion in this partisan crowd.

"If Kerry gets in, this country is in trouble."
"The other man, as far as I'm for him, you might as well be tried for treason."

The Democrats were obviously quick to fire back. A spokesman for the Kerry campaign accused Franks of distorting Kerry's record and told the AP that Kerry voted for the largest defense and intelligence appropriations in U-S history.

The Massachusetts Senator will be visiting Las Vegas on Thursday with a plan to come to Reno in the works.