The Kerry/Edwards Campaign talks to Students

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Andre Heinz is in the middle of a college tour to promote the Kerry/Edwards message. He says in an election this close, college students could provide the votes to tip the scale.

While speaking to a crowd of 100 or more, 34 year old Heinz outlined the Democrats' multi-part higher education plan. He told the students that one component is a $4000 tuition tax credit per student, per year.

Also, the Kerry/Edwards team will offer 500,000 students a year the opportunity to exchange community service for tuition money. For example, if a student dedicated two years to service, the government would fully fund four years at an in-state school.

"We know from what we've been encountering that students are really excited, really energized. They're mad at the administration and they back Kerry's proposals. We're reminding them: drag your friends--you have to show up in numbers to swing this election," says Heinz.

In response, a representative from the Bush/Cheney said the administration is committed to keeping college tuition affordable for lower and middle class families. And that the President has increased grant funding, created more low interest student loans and given tax breaks for working families.