Debate on Economy Important To Nevadans

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If there's a question about the economy --President Bush and John Kerry are both ready. Kerry today pointed to the new unemployment numbers as a sign that President Bush still
hasn't done enough to create jobs. But the White House says the
addition of 96-thousand jobs shows that Bush's policies are
While the new economic data will certainly be a topic of discussion at tonight's debate, it's unclear how the economy will factor into the final vote in November.
Historically, voters have voted their pocketbooks.
From an economic perspective, people living in the state of Nevada should be able breathe a sigh of relief. Our unemployment rate--at 4 percent--is below the national average of 5.4% and the area continues to grow at a steady, job-creating, spending-friendly pace.
Although people in the Silver State might not have the same economic woes as Americans elsewhere, economics professor, Tom Cargill, says the most recent and negative economic data could affect how Nevadans vote.
But Nevadans agreed that the economy is a top concern, but not necessarily the number one issues their vote depends on.