Nevada Regulators Urged To Open Talks Over Coal-Fired Plants

A coalition of environmental groups has asked the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection to open to the public negotiations over plans to build three coal-fired power plants in the state.

Sierra Pacific Resources, Sithe Global Power and L-S Power
Associates are in discussions with state environmental regulators
over the level of greenhouse gas emissions that will be allowed
from any new such power plants.

The coalition that includes the Sierra Club and Citizen Alert says Nevadans deserve a voice in the negotiations, but the process
so far has taken place behind closed doors.

In September, the Nevada Environmental Commission rejected a
petition from the coalition trying to stop the three companies from
constructing the plants in eastern Nevada unless they control
carbon dioxide emissions.

But commissioners also voted to require state environmental regulators to draw up "memorandums of understanding" requiring the companies to capture carbon dioxide once the technology becomes commercially available.

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