Local Marine Back from Iraq

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A Douglas High School graduate is back home tonight...after serving seven months in Iraq.
Lance Corporal Derrick Kepler says he'd rather be back at work...recruiting at local high schools and colleges.
After combat...every marine is entitled to come home for 30 days, and in a sense relax, before reporting back to duty.
At 19 years old, Kepler already has a purple heart.
He also has a navy achievement medal with combat V..."V" standing for valor.
Mortar attacks were common at his base in Arramadi.
Shrapnel from enemy fire one day blew through his room, striking his body.
He says it was just a scratch.
Besides fighting...Kepler says his battalion helped rebuild the city.
"That" included schools for the young Iraqi children.]
He says this tour of duty "recruiting"...is just as important as fighting for his country.
Kepler says the Marine Corps teaches honor, courage, committment, and pride.
"All" qualities young men and woman should have after graduating high school.