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A strange scene at the site of the old Mustang Ranch Brothel east of town.... a man equipped with a metal detector, guided by former brothel employees....searching for .....something.
What are they looking for?
The answer seems to be memories, history, maybe a little buried treasure.
Three former employees of the Myustang Ranch -Honeylove, Camille, Breeze and China - all swear years ago on an apparently slow day or night they put together a time capsule and buried it somewhere on the grounds of the Mustang Ranch.
Problem is that was long ago and memories of that occasion aren't as sharp as they might be.
No one was expecting to find money. The time capsule...if it's likely to hold little more than memorabilia from a time when the Mustang and its owner....Joe Conforte were nationally known. That was before a series of encounters with the I-R-S that ended with the federal government finding itself with the deed to most famous brothel in the world.The Mustang itself is gone, moved several miles up the Truckee Canyon to the Wild Horse, about to be reborn as a working brothel and museum.
Conforte, is esconced in exile in Brazil. All that's left here, is the foundation......and...just maybe a blast from the past, buried somewhere hereabout.
As the search for that past stretched into the afternoon hope was fading a digging crew stood by, leaning on their shovels. champagne sat chilling....the metal detector beeped now and then. Total haul when we left.....a nickel, a penny.....some scrap metal.