Droves of New Nevada Voters Have Registered

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The political climate is changing in Washoe County.
More and more new voters are registering in the Silver State.
Most of these "new" voters aren't Republican "or" Democrat.
They're non-partisans or 3rd party members.
The numbers show from the last general election...Republicans aren't losing percentage points to Democrats, but to independents.
In the 2002 General Election, Washoe County had 185-thousand-400 registered voters. 36-percent were Democrats.
45-percent were Republicans. 19-percent were Non-partisans and 3rd party members.
Jump to the end of September this year...and there are more than 220-thousand registered voters in Washoe County.
36-percent are Democrats.
43-percent are Republicans.
20-percent are Non-partisans and third party members.
The registrar's office says 30-thousand new voters have registered since January.
Washoe county workers have helped register three thousand "new" voters in a two-day period last week alone.
They have no doubt this "new" crop of voters...will make the difference come November 2nd.
County Elections Director Dan Burke says "it will be a defining thing in the election. "We assume the new voters will go out and vote now that they have registered now," he added
The common response we heard from new voters today...was that this is a defining moment in our country.
After the close Presidential race in 2000...they saw how one vote can make the difference.