3rd Co-Defendant May Take Plea Deal In O.J Simpson Case

It looks like a third co-defendant in the O.J. Simpson case is ready to take a plea deal.

49-year-old Michael McClinton is scheduled to appear Monday morning before a Las Vegas judge to waive his preliminary hearing.

McClinton's the man accused of pulling a gun during an armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room last month.

Simpson lawyer Yale Galanter says he understands McClinton will plead guilty to robbery without the use of a gun.

McClinton's lawyer's declining comment -- other than to confirm that the matter's on the court calendar.

McClinton's testimony for the prosecution would be another blow to Simpson's contention that no guns were involved when he and five others went to a Las Vegas hotel room to retrieve items he says belonged to him.

The aging football star and his remaining co-defendants are due for a preliminary hearing November eighth on kidnapping, armed robbery and other felony charges.