Rickey Barge Awaits Extradition

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For those keeping up on these trials, there are some similarities between the Mack case and the Barge case...and there are also a lot of differences.

While both men fled to Mexico City after the murders took place, prosecutors say comparing these cases is like comparing apples to oranges.

In the case of Darren Mack, the local businessman was only in Mexico for 11 days...he then surrendered and came back to the U.S. on his own...but Rickey Barge is a different story.

"We've received no word from Mr. Kamalaudeen about whether he has any interest in coming back voluntarily so he's exercising his right to the process and we are affording him that right," said Deputy District Attorney Bruce Hahn

Hahn says his office has sent affidavits and evidence to the Justice Department in Washington D.C...but that the extradition process takes time. He says the long wait for Barge to come back to the U.S. is frustrating...not just for his office, but also for the friends and family of Judy Calder.

"They want to know: what is taking you so long and what date can you give us? And we just can't give them any solid information. I can say that our office has done everything we can do. I have a great deal of faith in the department of justice who is working very closely and diligently with my office. Everything I have asked, they have done."

While the Darren Mack trial was moved to Vegas after the judge decided he couldn't find a proper jury pool in Washoe County...Hahn says changes of venue are rare...and he doesn't think the Barge trial will be an exception.

"I would like to think that, at least in the community's consciousness, every murder is taken seriously. It's a loss for the community no matter who goes. In this case, it happened to be someone who had a teaching position at two of the state's schools...but it's a loss to the community, no matter who is killed in a homicide."

As for whether or not the jury pool in Washoe County is tainted...Hahn says that will be for the people to decide.