Tahoe Snowmobiler Found Guilty On Four Counts

A South Lake Tahoe man has been successfully prosecuted for operating his snowmobile in a closed area and evading a forest protection officer who tried to stop him.

U-S Magistrate Gregory Hollows sentenced 47-year-old Robert Jan Scotford to seven days in federal custody for evading a Forest Service officer.

The violation happened in March of last year.

A forest protection officer tried to stop and contact Scotford, who was riding his snowmobile in the Freel Peak closed area.

Scotford evaded him and resisted several commands by the officer to

According to the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, Scotford was
charged with nine counts in a bench trial held in Sacramento and
convicted on four.

The convictions were for interfering with an officer, failure to stop a vehicle when directed by an officer, operation of a vehicle in a manner that violates a Forest Service order, and operation of a vehicle that violates government regulations.