Revised charges to be filed against O.J. Simpson, 3 others

Revised charges are due to be filed tomorrow against O.J. Simpson and 3 others in the alleged theft of sports collectibles from two memorabilia dealers.

That's after 2 co-defendants pleaded guilty to reduced charges Tuesday and agreed to testify at a preliminary hearing
scheduled November 8-9.

Simpson and his co-defendants won't have to be there when their lawyers receive an amended criminal complaint that increases the
number of charges in the case to 12.

That includes a second felony charge of coercion against Simpson and two new coercion charges each against three remaining co-defendants.

The revised complaint has been obtained by The Associated Press. It alleges that Simpson and friend Charles "C.J." Stewart conspired to persuade others tell authorities that no guns were used. It also names and describes the role of Thomas Riccio -- the California collectibles broker who arranged the September 13th meeting between Simpson and memorabilia dealers Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley.

Riccio has not been charged. His lawyer says he was granted immunity in the case.

Walter Alexander pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery, and Charles Cashmore pleaded guilty to felony accessory to robbery.

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