Virginia Street Bridge Closes For Repairs

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During the closure, construction workers will be repairing the middle pier of the bridge where stream bed material has eroded away.

Crews will fill the eroded sections of the middle pier with concrete and grouting...and then protect it from future scarring.

"So we'll put some erosion control all around the pier and that should be good for the rest of the life of the bridge," said Auro Majumbar, Deputy Public Works Director for the City of Reno.

The life span of the bridge is dwindling. The city plans to replace it completely in a few years...but the $20 million dollar project will take some major planning.

"Virginia Street is a major corridor into downtown. A lot of businesses, about 14,000 cars that use it. It would be important to keep it open until we are ready to replace it," said Majumbar.

While the bridge is under construction, Virginia Street will be closed from Mill to First Streets. Dreamer's Coffee Shop is only feet from the project.

"We'll lose all of our parking spaces on the bridge. We lose all the traffic that drives by and grabs a cup of coffee and moves on. That's the unfortunate part, we lose a lot of traffic," said Jonathan Bascon, owner of Dreamer's.

Bascon says he's prepared to deal with a little loss in business...because it's all part of living in a growing city.

"It's a little hiccup so you have to roll with it. You can't make a big deal out of it because it's gonna happen. You just have to prepare for it."

Remember, you can't walk or drive across the bridge while they are working on it. The closure is expected to last through November 16th.

Northbound cars and foot traffic will be detoured at Mill, to Center street. Southbound traffic will be detoured at First Street, to Sierra... then to Court Street.