Mack Jury Pool Seated, Trial to Start Wednesday

Opening arguments could begin as early as 10am Wednesday now that the jury poll of 35 has been seated. The jury pool, which was filled just after 12:30 Tuesday afternoon, is comprised of 21 women and 14 men.

Prior to Tuesday’s jury selection Terri Russell blogged about some of her thoughts on how jury selection has been going.

“It appears as if the Darren Mack trial will be getting underway with opening arguments sometime on Wednesday. For the last week my fellow reporters and I from Reno--there are only three of us committed by our news agencies to cover this case gavel to gavel--have sat through hours and hours of what is called "voire dire." I hope that's spelled right. Latin for speaking the truth although (it looks French to me for to see/speak) it allows attorneys from both sides to delve into people's personal lives. Questionnaires have been handed out to these prospective jurors who have filled them out before they arrive here. Some people are dismissed out of hand because of their answers. If they make it past that first hurdle, they are called in one at a time. Questions deal with the insanity plea, self defense, burden of proof on the side of the defense. The prosecution wants to know if they prove their case would the the person be willing to convict, and can they follow the judge's instructions. The personal questions are the most touching as some people disclose painful events that have occurred in their lives: The death of a daughter, the suicide of a father, the divorce of parents at an early age. Hours of listening will surely convince you no one gets out of this life without a scar. From the outside it may seem like these questions are unnecessary. But when you consider the Mack case involves so may aspects of human tragedy and life--love, marriage, divorce, child custody, murder, attempted murder, money, lawyers, friendships,--to name just a few, you can understand that others who have experienced first hand or through others have preconceived notions about these issues. Can they put those notions aside? This is what they are trying to find out.”